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Qualcomm and Novartis will collaborate on a smart inhaler for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

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Additional Relevant Details Under this collaboration, Qualcomm Life will provide the technology solution for the connectivity of the next generation of the Breezhaler(TM) inhaler, a device used for Novartis' portfolio of COPD treatments of Onbrez(TM) Breezhaler Seebri(TM) Breezhaler, and Ultibro(TM) Breezhaler, the leading LABA/LAMA treatment.This next generation of the Breezhaler(TM) inhaler will enable patients to have access to their own data on the use of their inhaler in near real time. The small, disposable and low power module contained within the inhaler device can detect and report usage, the time that the inhaler is used, as well as additional relevant information for patients and physicians. The module then wirelessly sends the data to the patient's smartphone and a Novartis COPD mobile application, which sends the data to the cloud, allowing patients and potentially their healthcare providers to monitor their COPD. The connected device will be ready for use by patients, with no assembly required.
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Strategic Initiative Date
Announcement Date:
Jan 05, 2016
Projected Implementation:
Q1, 2016
Relevance Tracked Until:
Q4, 2016
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