Frequently Asked Questions
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Joining Slingshot Insights
  • Q. What is Slingshot Insights?


    Slingshot Insights is the first crowdfunded expert network and due diligence community. Expert calls, management meetings, and surveys are just some of the tools that professional portfolio managers have utilized for decades to quickly get insights on fast breaking news. However, these tools are unavailable to a majority of investors. Through crowdfunding and collaboration, our platform provides small fund managers, individuals, and MBA students with access to these same tools for the first time. As we build out additional tools for our members, we are seeking to revolutionize primary source investment research. We do this by making it universally accessible, collaborative, and fully capturing the benefits a digital platform can provide.

  • Q. Is a credit card required to sign up for Slingshot Insights?


    No. Members can access all of the free aspects of our site without a credit card. However, to get the most out of our membership community, sign up for one of our monthly membership plans.

  • Q. Who contributes to Slingshot Insights?


    Slingshot Insights members consist of small fund managers, top MBA students, and savvy retail investors. Our goal is to make it easier cut through the noise. Our team is working constantly to make investors more informed, efficient, and creative!

More Questions
    • Is compliance an issue?
    • Slingshot Insights has reimagined the way investors can access knowledge from the most skilled people in a field. Our platform centers on transparency and access, not privacy. This trade off has powerful implications discussed in greater detail here:  

      That said, Slingshot Insights and its partners take the matter of insider trading seriously. All members of Slingshot Insights must attest that they will not engage in lines of questions that seek to extract material nonpublic information from an expert or anyone on a research project. All consultants have agreed to not divulge confidential information and for both professional and legal reasons, please do not seek to undermine this agreement. Slingshot Insights has sought to streamline the notification of all participating members when potentially compromising situations arise. If concerns about a project’s content arise, members should flag the project as inappropriate, and not trade relevant names until the issue is resolved. We discuss participation in the platform with compliance departments on a regular basis and are happy to work with your firm. For more details, please contact us at

    • What is your privacy policy?
    • We offer users and experts the option of being pseudo anonymous to the Slingshot community. This means:

      • Your name and identity will not be revealed on the site to other users. 
      • Your activity WILL be associated with a consistent user name. This means that other users in the community will see your behavior on the site. 
      • Slingshot Insights admins will know who you are and you should NOT have comfort that any illegal or inappropriate activity will not be associated with your actual identity. 
      • If you choose to share your projects or other content via social media applications or email, your identity may be revealed. Slingshot Insights attempts to warn you when you may inadvertently do so via our site, but we caution you to be careful of this risk. For further information on our Privacy Policy please consult this page:

    • What are Sponsored Calls? How does Slingshot stay impartial?
    • Sponsored Calls are completely free to Slingshot members through the generous support of our partners.  Slingshot Insights has always sought to be a platform where qualified experts are asked for their unique perspective on complex issues. We don’t pick winners or losers in the stock market, and we don’t intend to start. What we will continue to be is a transparent community that reduces the barriers to information so that investors can access the most informed perspectives on any topic and draw their own conclusions. Check out our blog post here which explains our philosophy and rules for Sponsors.

    • Who contributes to Slingshot Insights?
    • Many great features of Slingshot Insights are completely free such as access to over 2000 catalyst records in our database. Free members are able to participate on Research Projects without a subscription by paying their share of the project. However membership has its benefits. Members can create their own catalyst and strategic initiative records, propose and join any project, and gain unlimited access to our complete Project Library. Please refer to our pricing page for plan information:

    • If I cancel my subscription what happens?
    • Upon cancellation your account will be downgraded immediately to a free plan. You have the option to upgrade again at anytime, and the content that you have purchased through Slingshot Insights will remain available to you.

    • How does a Project work?
    • Slingshot Insights groups members around investment ideas they care about through research Projects. A Project is a shared approach to diligencing investment ideas with tools such as expert interviews, requests for public information (FOIA), and surveys.

      1. Slingshot members propose a Research Project, set a budget, and select the desired number of participants to split the project cost. As more members join the Project, the cost continues to goes down!
      2. The Slingshot Insights team works to find a KOL/expert to best meet the interviewer's' needs and sets a mutually convenient call date and time for both the Expert and member Call Leader
      3. Members who chip in for the project collaborate on questions for the expert, creating an interview plan which is executed by the member Call Leader.
      4. Members can listen live or access a recording and full call transcript on their own schedule.
      5. Anyone can access the project after completion for a set fee.

    • What is involved in being a call leader?
    • Call Leaders are an important aspect of the Slingshot Insights membership community. The call leader guides the discussion based on the community's interview plan and speaks directly to the expert. We want our members to get the most out of their project experience, and to ensure we ask that as a call leader you:

      • Familiarize yourself with the topic of the project as well as the proposed question list prior to the call starting
      • Notify Slingshot Insights immediately upon becoming aware of a schedule conflict
      • Follow the group’s proposed question list as reasonably closely as possible
      • Conduct the interview in the most efficient possible manner 
      • Agree to not attempt to solicit confidential information from the expert 
      • Conduct the call from a quiet interruption free location

Catalysts/Strategic Initiatives
    • What is a Catalyst?
    • Catalysts are moments in time when additional value driving information becomes public. These moments frequently result in substantial changes in a company's share price. Slingshot members can create, view, and vote on Catalysts with our Catalyst Tracker to understand the past and present story of a stock and make fact based investment decisions.

    • What is a Strategic Initiative?
    • Strategic Initiatives are plans companies put in place with the intent of adding value to the business. These plans are typically executed over a long period of time and may or may not achieve that goal. Monitoring the success and progress of these plans is important to tracking the value of the company. Slingshot members can create, view, and vote on Strategic Initiatives with our Tracker to understand the past and present story of a stock and make fact based investment decisions.