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Expert Interview

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Current and future trends in Total Ankle Replacement (TAR) surgery

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Who's the expert?

Name: Dr Samuel Adams

Expert Institution: Duke University

  • Co-Chief, Division of Foot and Ankle Surgery and Director of Foot and Ankle Research
  • Currently performs 4-5 total ankle replacements per month, including ones that need deformity correction and revisions
  • Research focuses on post-traumatic ankle arthritis, in particular assessing the metabolite differences in ankle arthritis and searching for new metabolite biomarkers of arthritis

Interview Questions

Please describe the patient journey, and a typical patient profile that you would recommend for TAR.

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Please describe the currently available implants available for TAR surgery, and which factors are most important in deciding which implant you currently use in clinical practice.

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If applicable, please describe your familiarity with using patient specific guides created with patient CT scans prior to TAR.

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