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Examining the market potential of DBV's Viaskin Patch and Aimmune’s AR-101 with an allergist in private practice

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Who's the expert?

Name: Dr Douglas McMahon - MD

Institution: Allergy and Asthma Center of Minnesota

  • Pediatric Allergist & Immunologist in private practice.
  • Sees 8 peanut allergy patients per week and is familiar with Viaskin Patch and AR-101.
  • Double Board certified in Pediatrics & Allergy, Asthma and Immunology; President of the Minnesota Allergy Society and director of Outpatient Allergy at the University of Minnesota.

Interview Questions

Please describe your clinical background and how you currently manage your peanut allergy patients.

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What % of your patients would you anticipate wanting to use AR101 if approved?

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What amount of efficacy and safety from the PALISADE trial would you consider "success" - meaning, make it a preferred option for patients over Viaskin?

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What is the likelihood of approval for each drug based upon the phase 3 data?  
Can you give an opinion as to the effectiveness of each medication?
Do you have an opinion as to whether the data generated for Viaskin is adequate or will a 2nd phase 3 be required?
Any thoughts on whether the Viaskin Patch will become more effective over time and if so at what time point will it provide adequate protection from minor inadvertent  exposure to peanuts?
Can you compare the onset of the protective effect between the two medications?
If both are approved what would the split be in utilization in your practice?
If both drugs are approved what characteristics of the patient would influence you as to which medication you would prefer the patient to start?

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Can you give us your opinion as to how the safety vs benefit balance between the two drugs?

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How does the route of administration factor into treatment decision making?  more specifically, for the pediatric audience?  

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Is there still a need for a different treatment option or do these two potential entries to market cover most all patient cases you see?

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