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Discussion of IDO inhibitors from a basic science and research perspective. Specifically discussing potential bioavailability and solubility issues.

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Who's the expert?

NIH research scientist that has the ability to speak to the bioavailability and solubility characteristics of the IDO1 class.

Interview Questions

Please explain your background working with IDO inhibitors.

Added By: joemac84

What are you impressions of IDO inhibitors currently under development as a pathway and class of therapies?

Added By: joemac84

Can you explain how indoximod (wholly owned by Nlnk, data read out at asco June 2016) which has a different MOA than 919 or incy's ido, works? Do you feel that it has a compelling profile?

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1. Can you compare the profiles of epacodostst to gdc-0919? I believe their pk profiles are both publicly characterized. Do you see any differences? 
2. Do you think Roche / Genentech will take gdc-0919 forward in late stage trials, as Merck /incyte did with EPA?

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