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Understanding how Halozyme’s Enhanze fits in the drug delivery market space, and its prospect for the future

Ticker(s): HALO, ROG.VX

Who's the expert?

A physician who has experience treating patients in the target indications for Enhanze development. Ideally one of the larger indications.

Interview Questions

Please tell us about yourself, your experience, type of practice you have (academic or private).

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What's your view on Enhanze and the need for Sub-q formulations for the IV drugs you prescribe to patients?

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Is there value in Enhaze working with chemotherapy treatments? How many of the patients would be willing to pay extra for the subcutaneous infusion, rather than just doing the regular schedule that can take hours?

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How much more subcutaneous bulk fluid flow does Enhanze facilitate, versus other similar subQ delivery methods? How efficient is it at degrading hyaluronan, in comparison with other spreading agents that you may know of?

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What’s your knowledge about Herceptin SC in early breast cancer? Does the 5 mins duration vs 30-90 make a compelling argument for its use, in your opinion? How much would you save in medical staff expenses, vs the longer duration infusion?

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