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Preparing for MGL-3196 Data and Discussing the NASH Pipeline, with an additional focus on NGM282 and VK2809

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Who's the expert?

Name: Dr Stephen Harrison - MD

Institution: University of Oxford (UK) and Pinnacle Clinical Research (US)

  • Medical Director of Pinnacle Clinical Research. 
  • Leading authority on liver diseases.
  • Peer-reviewer for over 20 medical journals and internationally known for studies in hepatitis C and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease with over 150 peer reviewed publications in these fields. 

Interview Questions

Please describe your background and familiarity with MGL-3196.

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What are the links between liver fat and NASH? And what kind of percent fat reduction do you think is meaningful?

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Please give us your opinion on the three clinical candidates: MGL-3196, Viking 2809 and the NGM282.

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Judging from what you saw in the 12 week data for MGL-3196, how that would correspond to 36 week data, and what are the major risks of those next 24 weeks?

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What percentage of the patients with NASH are also diabetic, and do those patients have a worse prognosis?

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What can biopsies tell you that we can't tell from MRI based methods, ultrasound and other markers like LiverMultiScan?

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What do you think about FGF-19’s mechanism of action, as a potential oncogenic target?

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Can you make a class comparison of CYMABAY or generally what you thought about their data at EASL and the class of PPAR?

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What do you think about the thyroid hormone receptor beta as a target? What percent of the patients with hypothyroidism will have benefit?

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