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Evaluating Potential Growth Prospects for Keryx's (KERX) Auryxia after FDA approval for New Indication in Iron Deficiency Anemia Patients (IDA) with Non-Dialysis-Dependent Chronic Kidney Disease (NDD CKD)

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Who's the expert?

Name: Dr Fredric Finkelstein - MD

Institution:  Yale

  • Clinical Professor of Medicine, Yale University.
  • Section Chief of Nephrology at the Hospital of St. Raphael.
  • Manages large CKD dialysis population treating many patients with iron deficiency; has prescribed Auryxia; speaker at many international Nephrology conferences.

Interview Questions

Can you describe your experience treating iron deficiency anemia in adults with non-dialysis dependent chronic kidney disease? Do you prescribe Auryxia, if not what do you typically prescribe?

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How do patients respond to alternative treatment options, including over the counter iron supplements and intravenous iron (Feraheme or Venofer)? How do these treatments compare to Auryxia?

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What are the relative benefits of these treatment options? Are some treatment options better fit for certain patient subsets? Do you have patients who are unable, for any reason, to be treated with these options?

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Since the approval of Auryxia, what percentage of existing patients have begun taking Auryxia? What percentage have stayed on IV iron or supplements? What percentage of new patients have chosen each treatment option?

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What is your perception of the safety of Auryxia?

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Overall, how has Auryxia compared to your expectations in its indication for treating CKD anemia?

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What challenges do you face in diagnosing IDA in Non-Dialysis CKD patients?

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Is the Iron deficiency Anemia label expansion a plus for patients? How do you currently treat IDA and will it be an uphill battle convincing nephrologists to prescribe auryxia in this space or is Auryxia a paradigm shift?

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Had you known previous to the label expansion last year that Auryxia has the ability to raise iron in ida ckd and that it could possibly be used before esrd? Or is this a marketing push that Keryx needs to get the word out on to nephs? 

Added By: user5fa73b68

Could you please illuminate for us the breakdown of the phosphate binder space in ESRD currently? How does a patient end up on either Renvela, or velphoro, or Auryxia? Is it mostly marketing and/coverage? Do nephs have a preference, or is the binder brand an after thought when prescribing as they are 'all the same'?

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Of the main binders on the market, which is the most practical and beneficial in your opinion weighing cost and side effects? 

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Are nephs pleased with the idea that they can spare the vein until farther out in the patient treatment course by using Auryxia to control iron levels before IV use becomes the only option? Is vein sparing a small or big concern for you and your peers?

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If a patient can increase their hgb levels from  7 or 8 to 10 or 11 in a period of 6 to 8 weeks, is this exciting to you and the field as a whole? Is quality of life improved due to this compared to SOC?

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