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Analyzing Marinus’ Ganaxolone in treating Postpartum Depression, after its Phase 2 Magnolia and Amaryllis trials data

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An obstetrician or psychiatrist with experience treating women with postpartum depression with allopregnanolone who is familiar with the literature to date for ganaxolone.

Interview Questions

Please tell us about your clinical practice and more specifically, about your experience with PPD patients. How many patients with postpartum depression do you currently manage?

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What is the first-line treatment for PPD? How effective is this therapy?

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Ganaxolone has also been studied in trials for Migraine, Neuropathic pain and Partial epilepsies, trials which have been terminated. Do you see any similarities between those trials and the Magnolia and Amaryllis trials in PPD?

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How effective are GABA A receptor agonists in treating PPD?

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Ganaxolone is being used as both IV and oral regimens in the two Phase 2 trials. Do you see the IV formulation as having a significant advantage as an acute treatment? How likely would you be to consider IV therapy for your patients suffering from PPD?

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What is your feedback regarding the use of allopregnanolone, which is quite identical in composition to ganaxolone, except for the fact that ganaxolone does not convert back to progesterone.

  • The company cites that ganaxolone has no hormonal side effects. Has this been a serious issue with allopregnanolone? 
  • Is there a need for ganaxolone in this space? How often is allopregnanolone currently being used in PPD now?

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Sage’s brexanolone recently achieved the primary endpoints in both of its Phase 3 studies in PPD. What are your thoughts on that data?

  • If approved, how likely would you be to switch patients to brexanolone
  • Can ganaxolone compete against it?

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