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Preparing for the upcoming PALISADE Phase 3 trial of AR101 anticipated in February 2018

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Who's the expert?

Name: Dr Jonathan Spergel - MD

Institution: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

  • Chief of the Allergy section at CHOP and professor of Pediatrics at The Perelman School of Medicine at UPENN.
  • Treats 30 peanut allergic patients a month and familiar with the AR101 data.
  • Has published over 170 peer reviewed articles and has received funding from NIH, FARE and numerous foundations.

Interview Questions

Please describe your clinical background and how you currently manage your peanut allergy patients.

Added By: joe_mccann

What are your expectations for AR101's Phase 3 trial?

Added By: joe_mccann

What % of your patients would you anticipate wanting to use AR101 if approved?

Added By: joe_mccann

Please speak about the design of the PALISADE trial. Based on Phase 2 data, do you have any concerns? There were 6 patients in the AR-101 group that withdrew as “non-responders”. Does this concern you?
What risks do you see regarding the meeting of the primary endpoints? Are you comfortable with the amount of peanut protein tolerance Is necessary to be deemed a success?

Added By: eesmer

AnaptysBio, Inc will announce Phase 2 data for their IL-33 inhibitor ANB020 very shortly.  NCT02920021.  This is a *one-dose* treatment, though the trial is for adults, not children.  But, if successful, won't a one-dose treatment make the year-long therapies of AR101 or Viaskin seem very undesirable?  Do you have any thoughts on this ANB020 drug?  

Added By: philk

What amount of efficacy and safety from the PALISADE trial would you consider "success" - meaning, make it a preferred option for patients over Viaskin?

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