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HBV-23 vs GSK's Engerix-B. How good was the recent data and how big a vaccine can HBV-23 really be?

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Who's the expert?

Name: Dr Ashwin Balagopal - MD

Institution: Johns Hopkins University


  • Assistant professor of Medicine and Infectious Disease
  • Research interests include microbial translocation and Kupffer cells in HIV-HCV coinfection and in situ liver studies of HIV-HCV pathogenesis.
  • Member of several professional organizations and authored a number of publications in peer reviewed journal

Interview Questions

Please give us a little information about your background in Hep-B.

Added By: joe_mccann

Can you give us an idea of the Hep-B vaccine market now, what types of patients get vaccinated and how well covered people are currently?

Added By: joe_mccann

What is you initial impression to the top line data released by Dynavax?

Added By: joe_mccann

Do you see the data for HBV-23 being compelling enough that you would switch from using Engerix-B to HBV-23 if it was approved?

Added By: joe_mccann

Is Bells Palsy a side effect associated with current adult hepatitis B vaccines (Engerix)? How would a two dose regimen over 4 weeks impact compliance versus a three dose regimen over 6 months in the typical target patient in your opinion?

Added By: sea4pines

What is the current standard of care for high risk populations, like diabetics, elderly and obese patients? How do you see HBV-23 changing this paradigm? 

Added By: neuman101

What can you tell us about compliance among diabetics since ACIP's recommendation re: hep b vaccination four years ago? If low, is this an education issue? Compliance issue? Other?

Added By: kingsly

How would you view a premium price for HBV-23, considering the potential compliance improvements? 

Added By: kingsly

How much would a two dose regimen over one month improve compliance vs. the three dose regimen over 6 months in your opinion

Added By: sea4pines

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