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Following Recent Completion of Clinical Study for PSA test and with upcoming modular PMA to FDA, We Take a Deeper Look at OPKO Health’s Claros 1 Point of Care Testing Device

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An esoteric/genetic testing expert or urologist familiar with the CLAROS 1 platform.

Interview Questions

Please describe the current PSA screening testing environment. How many tests do you perform each month?

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While standard total PSA testing has been around for over a decade, it can take between 24-72 hours for the results, and Claros removes the need for a venipuncture. Would that be sufficient to make you switch over to using Claros 1?

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The Claros 1 instrument will cost about $2,500, and will also be available under a reagent rental agreement. The cassettes will cost about $10-$15 per cassette, depending on the test. How do you anticipate payor reimbursement for this test?

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Do you currently use the 4Kscore test?

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On a scale from 1-10, 10 being very excited, where would you rate your level of excitement for the CLAROS 1 testing platform if approved?

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