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Expert Interview

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Can BELBUCA become the standard of care? How important is the Schedule 3 designation vs. other pain killers both for patients' health and prescribing?

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Who's the expert?

Institution: Duke University

  • Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Director of Interventional Pain.
  • Extensive research experience performing both investigator-initiated and industry sponsored studies, has led two clinical trials that examined the efficacy of pain medicine in surgical and non-surgical patient.
  • Expert on current standards for opioid management; has authored numerous articles in peer reviewed journals.

Interview Questions

Please describe your pain management practice, specifically how many patients you treat and how you typically treat them.

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How significant a concern is opioid dependence in your practice on a day to day basis vs. the significant media/political headlines we see on the topic?

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Can you please describe your impression of the BELBUCA label? We can get into details, but specifically the efficacy and how it compares to your current options.

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How do you see BELBUCA being viewed at insurers vs. cheap generic opioids?

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Can you please describe how you see BELBUCA's profile vs. ER Opioids when it comes to abuse and risk of developing addiction? From a practical/ clinical perspective vs. theoretical?

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What percent of your patients do you see prescribing BELBUCA if initial patient experience is in line with the expectations you described?

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Will the recent guidelines from the CDC encourage you to alter your prescribing habits? What percentage of your current patients would you consider switching from existing therapies to Belbuca?

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Do you think the changes in the CDC guidelines will drive lawsuits against doctors that do not follow them? Do you think that doctors will follow the guidelines for fear of lawsuits very quickly?

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