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Another Opinion: Examining the Chronic Pain Landscape and Regulatory Environment- Where does DepoMed's NUCYNTA (tapentadol) fit in?

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Who's the expert?

Institution: Murphy Pain Center & University of Louisville School of Medicine.

  • Medical Director of Murphy Pain Center, Assistant Clinical Professor at ULSOM, Dr. Murphy is an anesthesiologist and interventional pain specialist who was one of the nation’s first physicians board-certified in both Pain Medicine and Addiction Medicines, after completing his fellowship at the Mayo Clinic.
  • Extensive experience will all aspects of opioid use with 100% of practice dedicated to the treatment of chronic severe pain. ~10 patients on NUCYNTA ER (tapentadol)
  • Worked with regulators in crafting prescription guidelines, contributes to numerous publications and has presented before national and international audiences regarding pain and addiction. 

Interview Questions

Please describe your clinical practice. How many patients with chronic pain do you currently treat? With acute pain?

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What is your experience to date with NUCYNTA (tapentadol)? Do you have patients on both the regular and extended release formulation?

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Have your patients had problems with reimbursement with regard to this drug? Is the cost of Nucynta a major issue for patients receiving access to the medication, and if yes, what is your alternative plan of action?

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Given the currently regulatory environment with regard to opioids, how has your prescribing pattern changed over the last several years?

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What is your preferred, and most often recommended, oral opiod overall for both IR and ER?

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What other opioids do you and your colleagues favor? Opana? Oxycontin?

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Do you prescribe Nucynta exclusively as indicated on label or are there benefits of the drug that you are aware of not explicitly mentioned? If yes, are your colleagues aware of said possible benefits also?

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On a scale of 1 to 10 how powerful of an opiod do you consider Nucynta, and do you feel the label recommended dosages are too low/high?

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Do you interact with Nucynta sales representatives, and if yes, do they do a satisfactory job of informing you about the benefits of the drug?

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On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate Nucynta overall? What are some flaws and short comings of the drug?

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Does does the FDA asking for the removal of Opana ER make sense to you as a prescribing physician given it was for abuse related  issues and not efficacy or safety? How do you as a physician balance that with current generic abusable formulations?

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Also, any insights on what he thinks may happen at FDA on the opana generic side would be helpful.

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What would you put in place with the removal of Opana ER?

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With the recent negative optics around prescribing opioids, how has your practice changed? Are you seeing more referrals from primary care physicians? Is there a need to expand your practice to accommodate these patients? How would you do this? Nurse practitioners? 

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Do you participate in any of the Nucynta speaker series and if so are you compensated?

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Thoughts on Xtampza? – Some big formulary wins of late with United and several Medicare payors - some cases those plans are taking oxy off formulary.

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