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Edison Is Sponsoring a Call To Discuss the Evolving AML Landscape


Who's the expert?

Name: Dr Douglas Smith - MD

Institution: Johns Hopkins University


  • Involved in the care of several hundred patients with AML at various stages of treatment (active and follow-up) and include newly diagnosed pts, relapsed, refractory, pre and post BMT
  • Manages the leukemia clinical trials portfolio for AML for John Hopkin's large academic practice
  • Confirmed very strong knowledge of clinical data for AML treatments

Interview Questions

Please describe your clinical practice and development experience as it relates to AML.

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What pipeline products do you think are most likely to change the treatment paradigm for AML?

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What impact will Vyxeos have on how you treat patients?

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What specific subgroups within AML are those that have the greatest unmet medical need?

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How do you see MRD evolving in AML and what role do you anticipate it will play in the next 3-5 years?

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What do you estimate is the % of patient with AML who receive 7+3 (or other aggressive regimen) vs. HMA or low dose cytarabine?

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