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Fridays with Adam Feuerstein #1


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Name: Adam Feuerstein

Adam Feuerstein is STAT’s national biotech columnist, reporting on the intersection of biotech and Wall Street. A veteran journalist, Adam was most recently Senior Columnist at TheStreet, where he wrote about biotech and drug stocks. Adam lives near Boston with his wife, two kids and Bo, an insanely cute boxer/mutt.

Interview Questions

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Added By: joe_mccann

what are your thoughts about GBT & DBVT?

Added By: aklapholz

Can you gauge the impact on VRTX Cf franchise if GLPG competing product was shown to be efficacious?

Added By: alexander poulos

Always a bad sign when a drug gets returned from a partner but what do you think about ARDX data? Met end-points.  Then there is the IBS-C indication coming then later hyperkalemia drug(s).

Added By: bin2gray

Do you think there's any more appetite in the market for more kinase inhibitor focused companies?  Thoughts on BPMC? LOXO? Ignyta?

Added By: userd16bd1d0

Do you think there's still a future for CAR-T companies?  KITE, JUNO, UNUM?

Added By: userd16bd1d0

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