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Discussing the Effectiveness and Market Potential of Pfizer's (PFE) Crisaborole in Atopic Dermatitis After January 7th PDUFA Date

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Who's the expert?

A dermatologist or primary-care physician with significant experience treating patients with atopic dermatitis. He or she will be familiar with the data surrounding Crisaborole and other treatments in the market.

Interview Questions

Please describe your background and experience treating patients with atopic dermatitis. How many patients do you treat and what is your typical course of treatment? 

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How would you describe the efficacy and safety of current treatments? How do they compare to crisaborole in these areas? 

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Crisaborole topical ointment is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory phosphodiesterase-4B inhibitor that contains a boron atom to help penetrate the skin. Can you discuss the effectiveness of this mechanism of action against atopic dermatitis? 

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How differentiated is this approach versus current treatment options? 

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The U.S market for atopic dermatitis is estimated at 18 million patients. What percentage of these patients are currently on treatment? 

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Are patients always receiving treatment, or do they only resort to prescriptions when their Eczema flares up? If they only get medication for flares how often does this occur? What are factors that lead to more "flare-ups"? 

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Assuming it is approved what percentage of patients do you think are a good fit to be treated with Crisaborole? 

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Are there any current treatment options, or any others being tested, that could be used in place of Crisaborole? What do you see being the dominant treatment in the market over the next two years assuming criaborole makes it to commercialization? 

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