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Discussing Icosavax's Interim Phase 2 results for combination VLP vaccine candidate IVX-A12 against RSV and hMPV in older adults

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Who's the expert?

Institution: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

  • Infectious disease physician and researcher who develops mathematical models to address significant medical challenges, assess the potential of a wide variety of potential curative technologies, explain when and how latent viruses reactivate and use models to optimize the effectiveness of antiviral drugs.
  • Major focus of his work is to analyze strategies to achieve an HIV cure and study how T cells help control numerous herpes viruses that cause disease in healthy people and in cancer patients with compromised immune systems.
  • His team also focuses on COVID-19, including developing models of the immune response against the coronavirus and the best treatment strategies

Interview Goal
This interview will focus on the interim results from the Phase 2 clinical trial of IVX-A12, a potential first-in-class combination vaccine candidate against RSV and hMPV.

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