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Electroporation Expert Interview: An Overview and its Pharmaceutical Potential

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Who's the expert?

A physician who has done electroporation research or a surgeon using electroporation to treat diseases would be ideally qualified to discuss the aforementioned companies electroporation efforts, recent research worth noting, and what investors can expect from the technology moving forward.

Interview Questions

What is your background and how is it relevant to understanding electroporation aided immunotherapies?

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What are your thoughts on the science behind electroporation generally speaking? Is it a promising technology in your view? If so, what diseases/applications do you see it as most capable of addressing?

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Does anything concern you about electroporation? What are the major obstacles keeping this technology from reaching the wider market in some form?

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What are your thoughts on the various methods of electroporation currently being studied (IRE, N-TIRE, H-FIRE, and as a drug delivery method)? What are your thoughts on electroporation as a means of delivering chemical agents? Which method do you think shows the most potential for widespread use?

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Numerous small studies have demonstrated the benefits of immunotherapy electroporation in mice and pigs, but there have been relatively few trials examining its efficacy in humans. Why do you think this is the case?

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What companies do you think hold the most promise for developing pharmaceutical electroporation implementations?

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What do you think of Inovio’s recent FDA delay? How serious a setback is it for the company based on the Phase ½ data? What would prompt the FDA to request more information on the process?

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What are your expectations for electroporation research and use moving forward?

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