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Discussing the ATTRibute Part B results on Acoramidis for patients with ATTR cardiomyopathy.

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Who's the expert?

Institution: Stanford

  • Cardiologist and physician Scientist at Amyloid Center at major academic center with a focus on Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiology.
  • Currently manages 200 patients with ATTR amyloidosis and has published numerous papers on this topic.
  • Research focuses on amyloidosis, transplant immunology, mechanical circulatory support, and non-ischemic cardiomyopathies.

Interview Questions

Please describe your background and patient setting

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How many patients with cardiomyopathy do you manage? What % have ATTR cardiomyopathy?

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What is your current treatment algorithm for ATTR CM patients?

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What are your overall thoughts on the results from the Attribute-CM Phase B study?

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Where would you see acoramidis fitting into your management of patients if approved?

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Although we have limited data at this time, do you see any weaknesses of acoramidis vs tafamdis or any of the upcoming silencers?

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Do you see acoramidis as differentiated & superior to tafamidis or  not?  Recognizing the difficculties of cross-trial comparisons (which are particulalry acute here given how different placebo compared), do you think the performance that BBIO showed on mortality & CV hospitalizations is meaningfully superior to tafamidis?  What about the performance on biomarkets and also the data they provided on acoramidis vs. tafamidis based on the tafamidis drop-ins in the trial?    

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What do you think about the safety / side-effect profile of acoramidis and how does that compare to tafamidis?  Any advantage or disadvantage there?

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Some have metnioned that acoramidis and tafamidis will be huge beneficiaries of the Inflation Reduction Act.  There is a provision in there that takes the donut hole from $14K down to $2K.  Some have suggested this could double the market opportunity for this drug class as it becomes affordable for a lot more people.  What do you think about this notion?

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