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A Second View: A discussion of acoramidis and part B of the ATTRibute trial in ATTR-CM (Transthyretin Amyloid Cardiomyopathy)

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Who's the expert?

Institution: Stanford 

  • Cardiologist and Instructor at Stanford University School of Medicine.
  • Manages patients at the amyloid center at Stanford and directs the amyloid clinic at the Palo Alto VA.
  • Research focuses on Investigating the molecular mechanisms behind genetic risk factors for human cardiovascular disease focusing on amyloidosis, cardio-oncology, and atherosclerotic diseases.

Interview Questions

why do you think Part A of ATTRibute failed?

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What do you think of the Part B probability of success?

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How do you view acoramidis compared to other options

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Thinking of the three entrants into the CM arena - vutrisiran, eplontersen, and acoramidis, characterize what you believe are the differentiating advantages/disadvantages of each?

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Describe how you see the marketing shaking out with the emergence of three different players with three different solutions (vutrisiran, eplontersen, and acoramidis) in the aTTR-CM market? Are there unique patient types for each?

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What do you think the win ratio will be for ATTRibute-CM?

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In ATTR-ACT, the greatest benefit seemed to be in NYHA 1-2 irrespective of wt or m — that suggests that earlier disease responds better. Since the hypothesis is that ATTRibute-CM has a left-shifted population, should we expect a higher win ratio with AG10? 

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