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A Second Look: Comparing 89bio's pegozafermin to Akero's efruxifermin in NASH

Ticker(s): ETNB, AKRO

Who's the expert?

Institution: Imperial College London

  • Clinical Research Fellow and Hepatologist at Imperial College London
  • Current research interest are screening pathways for NAFLD in high risk group patients
  • Sub-investor for several NAFLD and HBV trials

Interview Questions

pegozafermin vs. efruxifermin

Added By: wilson_admin

How do you think the NASH resolution data compares to efruxifermin?

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Why do you think efruxifermin has a greater NASH resolution compared to pegozafermin?

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Do you believe that weight loss is attributed to differences in the compound, as in the structure, and the PK profile, or to differences in patient baseline?

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Pegozafermin had a lower GI toxicity compared to efruxifermin, but efruxifermin's GI toxicity was described as transient and resolving. Do you think there is a difference in the GI toxicity?

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I noticed that efruxifermin had three times higher NASH resolution compared to fibrosis improvement than pegozafermin. Should NASH resolution be much higher than fibrosis improvement?

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    The placebo response for pegozafermin was lower for fibrosis than the placebo response for efruxifermin. How would you distinguish using one over the other?

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