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The market potential of a likely soon to be approved Afrezza. Will this launch be different (better) than Exubera?

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  • Endocrinologist in practice for over 20 years with significant experience with rapid acting insulin, including Exubera and Afrezza.
  • Treats approximately 300 diabetics patients per month of which 90% of her patients are Type II diabetics and 10% are Type 1.

Interview Questions

How many diabetics do you currently treat?

Added By: joe_mccann

Did you use Exubera when it was on the market? What was your opinion of it?

Added By: joe_mccann

Are you open to trying Afrezza in your patients assuming it gets approved by the FDA?

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How much of an issue/impression did the Exubera failure leave on the physician and patient mindset about a new inhaled option.

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Does the improved device for Afrezza improve its appeal to you?

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How much of a hindrance would a lung function test requirement be for prescribing in your practice?

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What percent of your diabetic patients are smokers? Would you give this option to those patients?

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How do you anticipate using the product in the first 6 months and 12 months once it is available?

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What would be a "show stopper" or significantly limit your interest in the product if it showed up in the label?

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