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Slingshot members are conducting a survey! The topic is:

Two Week Delay: Survey on Auvelity's potential in MDD, including what therapies in development are most exciting for treating patients.

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Who's being surveyed?

The survey includes 30 Psychiatrists.

Survey Questions

How many patients with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) do you see per month, on average?


What % of your patients with MDD have tried at least three different anti-depressants?


Have you prescribed Auvelity?


What percentage of your MDD patients would you prescribe Auvelity for?


How is the rapid onset of action and novel mechanism for an oral drug differentiated from bupropion?


Do you expect to be able to use compounded dextromethorphan + buproprion after approval? 


How many months do you expect on average for payor access/coverage for Auvelity to take?


What are the advantages of Auvelity for MDD? 


What are the disadvantages of Auvelity for MDD? 


What is the probability of success for the phase 3 trial of adjunctive Caplyta (lumateperone) for the treatment of MDD? 


What is the probability of success for the phase 2 trial of XEN1101 (kv7 channel modulator) for the treatment of MDD? 


What is the most exciting novel treatment under development for MDD?

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