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What Can We Expect from Celgene's Phase 3 REMARC Trial Data for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma?

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Who's the expert?

An oncologist with significant experience treating different types of lymphoma and a familiarity with the REMARC trial.

Interview Questions

What is your background in treating lymphoma?

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What are your thoughts on the REMARC trial data presented to date?

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What factors do you think will potentially help or hurt revlimid make it to market for NHL?

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What attributes would make this application of revlimid superior (if at all) to existing drugs like rituximab or other recently approved options e.g. obinutuzumab, idelalisib and ibrutinib?

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Where do you see revlimid fitting into the NHL market? 

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What do you currently prescribe for NHL and could you see yourself switching to revlimid or some other drug in the near future? What developments are you most excited for in the treatment of NHL?

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