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Digging into S1P1 modulators as treatment for Ulcerative Colitis with a focus on Zeposia (Ozanimod), Etrasimod, CBP-307 & VTX002

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Who's the expert?

Institution: University of Cincinnati

  • Adjunct Professor at University of Cincinnati.
  • Research focuses on the mechanisms of cellular damage and repair processes, including epithelial barrier function disruption, intestinal pathogens and commensals, and the use of animal models.
  • His work has resulted in the development of several new drugs and diagnostic tests for the treatment of a range of gastrointestinal/liver/nutrition conditions including identification of adhesion molecules (integrins)involved in inflammatory bowel diseases in human intestinal lymphocytes and early work in phase 1-2 trials of systemic antisense oligonucleotides in intestinal inflammation. ​

Interview Questions

Can you please detail your clinical experience and your current practice?

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Could you please walk us through the ulcerative colitis treatment landscape, specifically with the JAKs and the S1Ps, how often you're using them, the insurance steps required to use them, and how your patients are doing on either of those classes?

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What did you think about the general ozanimod data package?

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Is etrasimod going to have some better safety, or do you find this will just be almost like a "me too" agent to ozanimod?

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Is the S1P heart rate effect a big issue in clinical practice, or is it pretty much a non-issue as you do the monitoring?

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If an S1P could win a Crohn's disease trial, is that more valuable than a UC indication?

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Is there going to be a way to differentiate between the different S1Ps which are aprroved/being developed?

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There's a lot of mechanisms being pursued in UC. Is there any mechanism that's really exciting to you? Is there a possibility that the S1P class has basically leapfrogged that by the time it starts to get a little uptake, something newer in the market just snaps a lot of that first line use, whether it's an oral ENTYVIO or something similar?

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What's your general level of acceptance for the S1P class on a scale of one to 10?

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