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Examining the clinical landscape of renal disease and the potential of anticoagulant therapies in this space for the prevention of cardiovascular events, including Merck's MK-2060.

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Who's the expert?

Institution: Upstate Medical University

  • Professor of Internal Medicine, Surgery, and Pediatrics; Medical Director of Dialysis at Norton College of Medicine at Upstate Medical University.
  • Sees 300 patients a month with renal disease, with 100 being on dialysis (ESRD).
  • Clinical Research includes projects exploring cardiovascular disease in patients with chronic kidney disease and development of a non-invasive blood analyte sensing device.

Interview Questions

Please describe your background and practice setting

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How many patients with renal disease do you treat monthly?

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How many of your patients will experience major thrombotic cardiovascular events?

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What current medications do you use to prevent major thrombotic cardiovascular events?

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Are you familiar with Factor 11a inhibitors? What potential do they bring to limiting bleeding in patients compared to factor 10a inhibitors?

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What were your overall thoughts about Merck's MK-2060 study and its potential? Do most ESRD patients tend to have underlying conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, atrial fibrillation, and cardiovascular disease that increase their risk of blood clots? Is this a large unmet need?

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Are you familiar with Bayer and Ionis antisense-based Factor XI inhibitor, fesomersen?

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Do a large percentage of your patients experience increased bleeding due to other anticoagulation medications? What % of decrease in clotting factors meets your threshold for positivity?

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