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Digging into the current and developing treatment landscape for Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)

Ticker(s): ICPT, MDGL, NVO

Who's the expert?

Institution: Texas Liver Institute

  • Medical Director and VP of Research and Development at the Texas Liver Institute and Professor of Medicine at the University of Texas Health San Antonio.
  • Manages hundreds of patients with NASH.
  • Has authored over 400 peer-reviewed publications in medical journals.

Interview Questions

Potential for new drug therapies in this space?

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Are combination strategies going to be the best way to treat NASH in the future? 

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Please update us on how field has evolved over past few years.

Importance of liver biopsies for clinical trials and how will this impact commercial opportunities

Has imaging improved ?  

Impact of Covid

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Which MOA in development is of the highest interest to you and why?

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Clinical trial failures - Many drugs have flopped in recent years. What have we learned

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The GLP-1 agonist Semaglutide had some success and failure in Phase 2 with different stages of disease.  

Please provide your interpretation of these conflicting results and your view on potential of this drug class in NASH

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Background on clinical practice, how many NASH patients do you manage?

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How is NASH currently diagnosed and treated?

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