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Hot on the heels of the Celator success, Moleculin IPOs with a liposomal Annamycin treatment for AML


Who's the expert?

Name: Dr Gabriel Ghiaur - MD

Institution: Johns Hopkins University

  • Medical oncologist affiliated with the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center and an assistant professor at Johns Hopkins University.
  • Currently manages 80-100 patients per year with AML; sees 50 new patients a year out of 300 in his group.
  • Physician-scientist whose primary interest is normal and malignant hematopoiesis; research has translational potential in stem cell therapeutics, as well as acute leukemia.

Interview Questions

Please describe your background in AML and the number of patients that you treat.

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What's your impression of the drug being developed by Moleculin? Does a liposomal Annamycin sound attractive to you?

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In the previous trials conducted by a company named Callisto Pharmaceuticals. The company had these findings from trials of Annamycin:

  • Annamycin demonstrated significant activity in 8 of 16 patients in a Phase I study in adult relapsed or refractory AML patients, with 6 of 14 patients completely clearing leukemic blasts. A 30 patient dose-ranging Phase I/II study in ALL demonstrated a similar level of activity, with 3 of 10 patients treated with the maximum tolerable dose clearing their leukemic blasts to a level sufficient to qualify for a bone marrow transplant. One of these patients went on to receive a successful curative bone marrow transplant. The other two of these three patients died of tumor lysis syndrome, a condition resulting from the overloading of their system with the debris from leukemic blast cells destroyed by the induction therapy. 
What are your impressions of the Callisto studies?

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What's your impression of this study from 2013 on the drug: ?

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How likely do you think it is Moleculin could attain Orphan Drug Status or Special Protocol Assessment for accelerated approval?

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Are there other major factors aside from cardiotoxicity and multidrug resistance keeping the survival rate of AML patients undergoing induction therapy low?

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What type of pricing strategy do most anthracycline companies employ and does it place a major burden on most of your patients?

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Are there any plausible alternative treatments on the market or the horizon of which you're aware?

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How do you see the success of VYXEOS impacting Annamycin?

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Does it surprise you to see VYXEOS and Annamycin reappearing after both were shelved for some time?

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This was the Phase 1 trial conducted by Callisto on Liposomal Annamycin in refractory AML:

From the Abstract:
"Thirty patients were enrolled on the study. The MTD was determined to be 150 mg/m2/day for 3 days. Eight of the patients completed 1 cycle of the 3 days of treatment. Of these 8 subjects, 5 (62%) had an efficacy signal. All 5 completely cleared circulating blasts. Three subjects also cleared bone marrow blasts. Of these 3, 1 went on to a successful bone marrow transplant."

What do you make of this performance?

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From the same Phase 1 study:
"The other 2 had tumor lysis syndrome and unfortunately expired. Other than the tumor lysis syndromes, there was only 1 SAE definitely related to the study drug which was a grade 3 mucositis but there were also 3 other SAEs of grade 3 or 4 mucositis probably related to the study drug which comprised the MTD determination. There were no reports of cardiac toxicity"

How concerned are you that 2 patients expired from tumor lysis syndrome?

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