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Digging into the PD-L1 ADC mechanism with a specific focus on SGN-PDL1V and MT-6402

Ticker(s): SGEN

Who's the expert?

Institution: PA Cancer Specialist and Research Institute

  • Oncologist in private practice with 30+ years of experience.
  • Areas of interest include solid tumors such as lung, breast, and colon as well as hematological disorders, anemia, lymphoma, and leukemia.
  • Practice has approximately 20+ open clinical trials from Phase I to registry.

Interview Goal
This conversation will focus on the PD-L1 ADC mechanism and publicly available data for SGN-PDL1V (Seagen's investigational vedotin ADC directed to the T cell checkpoint ligand, PD-(L)1) and MT-6402 (a third generation engineered toxin body currently in development by Molecular Templates).

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