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A Second View: Discussing Welireg (Belzutifan) as a treatment in patients with von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) disease with associated renal cell carcinoma

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Who's the expert?

Institution: Huntsman Cancer Institute, University of Utah

  • Assistant Professor in the Division of Medical Oncology at Huntsman Cancer Institute specializing in genitourinary malignancies
  • Participated in two clinical trials with Welireg and is now using it as standard of care
  • Clinical and research interests in all genitourinary oncology, with a particular focus on the development of novel therapeutics and in identification of predictive biomarkers.

Interview Questions

Please describe your clinical practice. Roughly how many patients with VHL do you currently manage?

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What are your thoughts on the use of Welireg and how does it compare to other treatment options?

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On a scale from 1-10 (10 being extremely excited), how would you rate your level of excitement for Welireg?

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Can you discuss the role of HIF2 alpha in oncogenesis and which tumors in particular this plays a significant role?

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Who are the specific types of patients you are treating so far with Welireg?

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Potential for off label usage in sporadic advanced RCC?

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What is Welireg's potential in more broad application beyond VHL for RCC or other tumor types?

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Can you discuss the unmet need in RCC?

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Did you consider the trial data for label indication compelling?

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Can you address the toxicity profile and whether you think it has potential in combinations?

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Related to the checkpoint inhibitor combination, what are your thoughts on HIF mechanism and how it impacts immune cell populations?

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What are your Clinical observations post-approval? Are you seeing responses? Any responses in advanced RCC off label usage?

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What is your view of Welireg's future/potential in RCC - 2nd line immunotherapy potential? Combos?

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How has the process been for getting patients approved for access to Welireg?

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