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Discussing Celldex' CDX-0159 Urticaria Phase 1b Data presented at EAACI 2021

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Who's the expert?

Institution: Charité Universitätsmedizin in Berlin

  • Professor of Dermatology and Allergy and Director of Research at the Department of Dermatology and Allergy, Allergie-Centrum-Charité of the Charité - Universitätsmedizin in Berlin.
  • Coordinator of the GA²LEN urticaria centers of reference and excellence (UCARE) network & Coordinator of the National Priority Programme “Physiological functions of mast cells”. 
  • Has published >557 publications in peer-review journals and 40 books and book chapters.

Interview Questions

Roughly how many patients with urticaria do you currently manage?

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What were your thoughts on the Phase 1B data for CDX-0159?

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Differences between CSU and chronic inducible urticaria?

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