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Evaluating the Multiple Sclerosis Market After AbbVie (ABBV) and Biogen (BIIB) Receive CHMP Support for EU Approval of Zinbryta

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Who's the expert?

A neurologist or other expert with significant experience treating patients with relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis. He or she will be familiar with the data behind Zinbryta, as well as the various drugs already on the market.

Interview Questions

Can you discuss your experience treating patients with multiple sclerosis? How are patients currently treated and how effective are treatments? 

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Can you discuss the trial design and data for the DECIDE and SELECT trials that were done on Zinbryta? What does the data suggest about the safety and efficacy of Zinbryta? 

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If Zinbryta ends up receiving approval from the EU, what are the chances the drug will also be approved by the FDA? Zinbryta's NDA is currently under review. 

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How does Zinbryta compare in safety and efficacy to already established treatments? Particularly Biogen's avonex, Tysabri, and tecfidera, Novartis' Gilenya, and Sanofi-Genzyme's Lemtrada and Aubagio?  How do each of these drugs compare to late-stage experimental therapies from Roche and MedDay? 

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How much of this crowded market do you expect Zinbryta to take? 

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How does the monthly schedule and self-administration dosing system of Zinbryta compare to other therapies? How much of an advantage is this for Zinbryta?

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Is the potential target population for Zinbryta limited to patients with relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis? Could it potentially be used in non-relapsing forms? How big would you estimate the total potential population for Zinbryta is? 

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