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Discussing Surface Oncology’s CD39 and CD73 Pipeline in advanced solid tumors

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An oncologist with experience in treating advanced solid tumors, targeting anti-CD73 antibody and CD39.

Interview Questions

Please tell us about your clinical experience. How many patients with advanced solid tumors do you see on a yearly basis? What is the standard of care, and what treatment is available for anti-CD73 antibody or CD39 activity?

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Could you tell us more about the mechanism of action of NZV930 as a fully human anti-CD73 antibody that has been shown in preclinical studies to inhibit CD73 enzymatic activity, reduce levels of adenosine and increase the proliferation of T cell receptor-stimulated CD4+ T cells? And if possible, a comparison with Astra Zeneca’s oleclumab - anti-CD73 monoclonal antibody?

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Could you also briefly discuss the recent results from AstraZeneca for its anti-CD73 candidate, where Imfinzi in combination with oleclumab reduced the risk of disease progression or death by 56%, and in combination with monalizumab by 35% vs Imfinzi alone in Stage III NSCLC patients following CRT. Also reported was the 10-month PFS rate stood at 64.8% for the durvalumab plus oleclumab combination and 72.7% for durvalumab plus monalizumab, versus 39.2% with durvalumab alone.

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What are your thoughts on the results for primary endpoint of confirmed ORR for Imfinzi plus oleclumab over Imfinzi alone (30% vs. 18%) and for Imfinzi plus monalizumab over Imfinzi alone (36% vs. 18%)?

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What’s your impression on Surface Oncology’s SRF617 - fully human antibody designed to inhibit the enzymatic activity of CD39 in the tumor microenvironment, the company touts its dual mechanism of action to promote anti-tumor immunity via reduction of immunosuppressive adenosine in addition to increasing levels of immunostimulatory ATP. Could you discuss this?

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The company recently presented preliminary data from Phase 1 study of SRF617 CD39 inhibitor monotherapy and set a recommended Phase 2 dose of 1,400 mg. It was also reported on SRF617’s potential as a combination therapy, including an unconfirmed partial response in a patient with pancreatic cancer receiving second-line treatment with SRF617 in combination with gemcitabine/albumin-bound paclitaxel (Abraxane). Can you comment on what your impression is regarding the potential for the drug?

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How big is the need for new drugs in this area of tumor targeting?

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How likely are you to consider the company’s pipeline of oncology candidates, for your patients?

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