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Digging into EYEN's ophthalmology pipeline for in-office pupil dilation & presbyopia before October 28th PDUFA for MydCombi

Ticker(s): EYEN, ABBV, OCUP

Who's the expert?

Institution: Keystone Retina Associates

  • Clinician, researcher, author and lecturer specializing in complex vitreo retinal surgery and medical retinal conditions.
  • Manages 600 patients with wet-AMD and 250 patients with presbyopia.
  • Clinical Trial Investigator on studies for macular degeneration, diabetic macular edema, retinal vein occlusion, and more.

Interview Questions

Roughly how many patients with presbyopia do you currently manage?

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If approved where do you see MydCombi being utilized in your practice compared to existing agents?

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What are your thoughts on the VISION-1 Phase 3 Clinical Study of MicroLine? How does this compare to the Phase 3 GEMINI 1 study of AGN-190584?

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