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Discussing the Potential of Allergan's (AGN) Recently Acquired XAF5 in Treating Under-Eye Bags Ahead of Phase IIb/III Completion in Late 2016

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Who's the expert?

An expert with significant experience treating patients with steatoblepharon (under eye bags), who is familiar with the data behind XAF5. He or she will be familiar with other treatment options, and the regulatory process for this space.

Interview Questions

Can you describe your experience treating patients with under eye bags? What current drugs are used in treatment? What other ways can under eye bags be treated?

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There are an estimated 40 million people in the U.S with under eye bags. About what percentage of that population do you think is actively seeking treatment for their condition? 

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Can you discuss the data from the Phase II XOPH5-OINT-2 trial, which met its primary endpoint of statistically significant and clinically meaningful reductions in under eye bags? 

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Can you discuss the mechanism of action for XAF5, and compare it to current treatment options? How do they compare in terms of safety and efficacy? 

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Given the current information, what are the chances of approval for XAF5?

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What are important things to look for in the Phase IIb/III trial, which is expected to conclude at the end of 2016?

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Assuming it gets approved, what percentage of existing patients do you think will use XAF5? What percentage of new patients do you think will use XAF5?

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If XAF5 gets approved, will this motivate any patients who were not previously seeking treatment to try the new option? 

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