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After a roller coaster year for DMD treatments and the recent granting of Rare Pediatric Disease designation from the FDA for ezutromid does it have potential in DMD?


Who's the expert?

A DMD expert that has been closely involved or aware of the recent developments and news at the agency. The expert should treat a number of patients and be aware of the therapy ezutromid.

Interview Questions

How many patients do you currently treat with DMD?

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Please discuss the primary endpoint:
Change from baseline in MRI parameters related to fat infiltration and inflammation in leg muscles
Is this endpoint a surrogate endpoint in your mind? How does it relate to the FDA panel on 4/25 questioning 6mw as a valid endpoint?

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Can you give you high level thoughts on ezutromid? What data is currently published on the drug?

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It looks like ezutromid works by modulating utrophin. How well understood is the role of utrophin in DMD patients? Do we know the role it plays relative to dystrophin?

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