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Evaluating the Chances of Approval and Market Potential for Radius Health's (RDUS) Abaloparatide-SC for Postmenopausal Women with Osteoporosis

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Who's the expert?

An endocrinologist or other doctor with specialized training in osteoporosis, who has knowledge of the trials for abaloparatide-SC and other drugs in the space. He or she will be someone who treats osteoporosis patients, and understands the regulatory processes and current competitive environment.

Interview Questions

Can you describe your experience treating patients, and current methods you use for osteoporosis patients in your practice? 

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How many osteoporosis patients do you see? What leads a patient to seek treatment, and what are the costs of not treating osteoporosis? 

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Radius recently announced pre-specified subgroup analyses from its Phase 3 ACTIVE trial, and has made a number of other presentations on their Phase 3 data. Can you discuss the results of these trials, and their implications?

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Given the current information, what chance does Radius stand to receive approval for its two outstanding authorization applications for the EMA and the FDA?

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Assuming it gets approved, what percentage of existing patients do you expect to switch to abaloparatide-SC? What percentage of new patients will you prescribe abaloparatide-SC? Will the drug's approval have an affect on any patients who may not currently be seeking treatment? 

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Can you discuss the differences in terms of safety, efficacy, and pricing between abaloparatide-SC, Lilly's generic FORTEO, and Amgen's romosozumab? How much market share do you expect each to attain assuming abaloparatide-SC and romosozumab are approved? 

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FORTEO and abaloparatide-SC are daily injections, whereas romosozumab is injected once a month. How will this affect the popularity of each drug?  Do these differences suggest romosozumab fits a niche market within osteoporosis?

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Would efficacy or price be more important to you and your patients in choosing a treatment option between these three? 

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Can you discuss the most recent data from Amgen's Phase 3 BRIDGE study on romosozumab in men with osteoporosis? 

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If Radius received approval for abaloparatide-SC in treatment of postmenopausal women with osteoporosis, would they use this as a basis to try for an expanded indication covering men with osteoporosis? If so, do you think they would be successful, and how much of that market could they win? 

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Please explain the mode of action and can you compare the benefit vs other products including 
1. Decrease in fracture risk at the femoral neck and lumbar spine 
2. Increase in BMD vs competitors

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