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A Discussion of the future of Cytokinetic's omecamtiv mecarbil for heart failure after failing primary efficacy endpoint and showing signs of adverse effects

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Who's the expert?

An expert with extensive knowledge of the development of omecamtiv mecarbil and data from the clinical trials. Additionally, someone with experience treating heart failure patients with the current treatments

Interview Questions

Can you briefly describe the experience you have treating acute heart failure (AHF) patients?

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What are the current treatments for AHF?  What is the current standard of care for these patients?

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Can you describe the process for treating patients now that experience AHF?

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In the ATOMIC-AHF Phase 2b study in 2013, the primary endpoint tested omecamtiv mecarbil efficacy of dyspnea (shortness of breath) response.  This study did not meet the primary endpoint, with the dyspnea response in the omecamtiv mecarbil treatment groups not being statistically different than the placebo group (p=0.33).  How significant is this data?  

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The ATOMIC-AHF study tested for dyspnea response.  Is this the only course of treatment for patients with AHF?  If not, what other courses of treatment exist?

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The ATOMIC-AHF study showed favorable dose and concentration-related trends on dyspnea response.  Does this improve omecamtiv mecarbil's position as a possible treatment in the future?

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A recent COSMIC-HF study in 2015 tested for dose escalation.  How significant is the dose concentration tests for omecamtiv mecarbil's outlook to be continued into Phase 3 trials?  

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In your opinion, do you see omecamtiv mecarbil continuing on into Phase 3 trials or being discontinued?

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Even if it does continue being developed, do you think omecamtiv mecarbil has a chance to be approved by regulatory agencies?

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Is the lack of studies showing an efficacy for treating patients the primary concern for the continuation of the development of omecamtiv mecarbil?

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