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Analyzing Iovance's lifileucel Compared to Instil Bio’s main candidate, ITIL-168, in Melanoma

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An oncologist/ dermatologist with experience in treating Melanoma.

Interview Questions

Please tell us about your clinical experience. How many patients with melanoma do you see, yearly?

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What treatment has seen the best results and why? How could lifileucel or ITIL-168 fit in this space?

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Can you tell us more about the field of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes in cancer cell therapy, considering the oldest successful treatment using this method dates to 1988?

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Can we talk about Instill’s results between 2011-2019, where,according to the IPO filing, of the 21 patients treated under compassionate use, 4 showed complete remission of their cancers. Partial remission was observed in 10. Instil said that four patients reported stable disease. A total of 10 patients have since died from complications that arose as their disease progressed.

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Instil Bio says that the challenge of manufacturing TIL therapy has limited its use. Where do you see a potential breakthrough in this area, considering that Instil will spend $150m to develop its proprietary process to cryopreserve surgically removed tissue at a regional hub close to a clinical site, shipping samples to one of two Instil manufacturing sites, in Manchester and Los Angeles.

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What can you tell us about Iovance’s Gen2 TIL expansion protocol, as it relates to the manufacturing ? In one of its abstracts, the company cites the process to last 22-days.

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How likely would you be to switch your patients to either of those 2 therapies, in the future. Which one would you be inclined to use more, and why?

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In a meta-analysis of TIL therapies between 1988-2016, data shows an ORR of 41% and a CR rate of 12% in 410 heavily pretreated patients with metastatic melanoma, withone of 28 patients experiencing disease recurrence. How does this compare to standard of care?

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