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Evaluating Potential Growth Prospects for Keryx's (KERX) Auryxia After Positive Phase III Data Evaluating Iron Deficiency Anemia Patients (IDA) With Stage 3-5 Non-Dialysis-Dependent Chronic Kidney Disease (NDD CKD)

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Who's the expert?

Name: Dr Edward Skolnik - MD

Institution: NYU


  • Director of Division of Nephrology, Norman S. Wikler Professor of Medicine & Professor of Pharmacology at NYU Langone.
  • In practice for 33 years, double board certified in Nephrology and Internal Medicine, and has extensive experience treating patients with CKD and FSGS.
  • Published a number of articles in peer reviewed journals and member of several professional organizations including The American Society for Clinical Investigation

Interview Questions

Can you describe your experience treating iron deficiency anemia in adults with non-dialysis dependent chronic kidney disease.? With no FDA approved treatments, what do you currently do to help your patients? 

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 How do patients respond to current treatment options, including over the counter iron supplements and intravenous iron (Feraheme or Venofer)? How do these treatments compare to Auryxia?

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What are the relative benefits of these treatment options? Are some treatment options better fit for certain patient subsets? 

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Given the current data, what are the chances Auryxia is approved for the expanded indication? 

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Data from the ESRD Phase III study showed a 24% reduction in repeat hospitalizations versus then standard of care (presumably due to reduced IV iron use).  So why has take-up been so slow?  How much is due to formulary access?

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What are the differences in costs between current treatment options and Auryxia?

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Assuming it gets approved, what percentage of existing patients do you expect to start taking Auryxia? What percentage do you expect to stay on IV iron or supplements? What percentage of new patients do you expect will choose each treatment option? 

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Assuming it gets approved, how will an expanded indication change the perception of the iron black box warning for physicians? 

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