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Expert Interview

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Comparing results metastatic melanoma in PD-1 progressing patients. IOVA, IDRA, ONCS, REPL, CMPI all have results at this year's SITC in this 2L PD-1 refractory melanoma population. We ask an expert to compare trial designs and results


Who's the expert?

Hem-Oncologist treating PD-1 refractory patients, up to date on the literature of the differnet approaches (TIL therapy, TLR9, plasmid IL-12 elecrtroporation, oncolytic viruses) and having attended and reviewed recent results from SITC from different companies. Knowledge of regulatory critera for approval important. A recent PI a study in this indication potentially a plus.

Interview Goal
To better understand cross trial results between these different results. To understand regulatory requirements for each. To get a doc's perspective on what is clinically meaningful, which results are most compelling, what would be used in practice.   

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