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Changing horses (endpoints) midstream (trial)? Discussing rationale for LLY's changing the EXPEDITION3 study from co-primary endpoints of change in cognition and function to just cognition.

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Who's the expert?

Name: Dr Paul Aisen - MD

Institution: USC


  • Founding Director of USC Alzheimer's Therapeutic Research Institute
  • Designed and directed multicenter therapeutic trials and had led basic research studies on therapeutic targets and biomarkers
  • Has conducted therapeutic research on Alzheimer’s disease for the past two decades; has published extensively in peer reviewed journals

Interview Questions

Please discuss the findings of this study looking at cognitive and functional progression during this 18 month study.

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In light of this study, how much better understood is the course of disease in Alzheimer's understood?

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Why do you think the FDA was reluctant to embrace this study design change? Do you think it was due to a lack of robustness in the data or more a clinical trial integrity issue.

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Do other Alzheimer trials have supporting evidence of what was seen in this study? Has that analysis been published anywhere?

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Based on the changes to EXPEDITION3 how does that impact your view of solanezumab's chances for success?

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