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Comparing Aimmune's (AIMT) Peanut Allergy Medication AR101 to DBV Technology's (DBVT) Viaskin Peanut As They Race for FDA Approval

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Who's the expert?

Name: Dr Jessica Savage - MD

Institution: Harvard University


  • Assistant Professor of Medicine and  Director of the Food Allergy Center and Director of Population Studies 
  • Principal investigator of a multidisciplinary research program focused on the environmental and genetic factors that influence the development of food allergy and underlie the recent rise in allergic disease
  • Member of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Center at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Interview Questions

What do you do currently to help your patients with peanut allergies? What rescue therapies are used when patients are exposed to peanuts? 

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Last week AIMT released positive data from their Phase II ARC002 trial and DBVT released encouraging Phase IIb results from OLFUS-VIPES. Can you discuss the differences in how these trials were designed?

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Can you discuss the differences in mechanism of action for AR101 and Viaskin? 

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Can you talk about any differences in dosing between the two drugs and how this could affect the number of doctors who prescribe each medication? 

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Given the current data, what are the differences in efficacy and safety between AR101 and Viaskin? Does either drug have an advantage in efficacy? Does either have an advantage in safety? 

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How do these differences in safety and efficacy change your expectations on how many doctors will be prescribing each drug? 

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Given the current data on both drugs, are they likely to reach FDA approval? Does either drug have a better chance of being approved by the FDA than the other? 

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Assuming they both get approved, what percentage of existing patients will be prescribed AR101 and Viaskin respectively? What percentage of new patients will be prescribed AR101 and Viaskin respectively? 

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Is either drug better fit for a particular patient subset? i.e pediatric vs. adult patients 

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How does the projected cost of AR101 compare to the projected cost of Viaskin? At what point does price become the deciding factor in choosing AR101 or Viaskin? 

Added By: pjloria

Does "epicutaneous immunotherapy" by Viaskin patch create any lifestyle issues for children that might limit use in the real world?  For example, do children have to forgo swimming while on treatment?

Added By: william gerber

The study published last year (March 2015) in the NEJM showed a big benefit of introducing peanut protein starting infancy, with significant reduction in development of peanut allergy later on vs the control group who avoided peanuts . If the current practice of peanut avoidance during infancy reverses, will we see less need for these desensitizing products like AR101 & Viaskin over time?  In response to this NEJM published study, do you think there is a need for a peanut protein formula product like the one offered by Antera Therapeutics or can parents just mix a small amount of peanut butter into their children's food?

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Which company do you feel has the better product development pipeline for individuals with multiple food allergies?

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If a child begins treatment for peanut allergy, will they continue to need treatment for as long as the allergy exists? How often would be refills and overall what is the duration of treatment?

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What do the trials and research mean for the development of medicine for other common allergies such as Wheat, Egg, and Dairy. Do you think FDA Approval for peanut would mean treatments of other allergens would also be approved?  

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Are there safety and legal concerns for not following the full dosage and will this be a larger problem. For example, a child that does not ingest the full dose of AR101 or a kid that removes the Viaskin Patch from their skin.

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Do you think either product will lead to a cure for peanut allergy? If so, which product do you think has the better chance of being successful in curing peanut allergy for most individuals?

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What is your perspective on alternative antigen delivery methods that have been investigated, such as sublingual drops, subcutaneous injections and toothpaste?

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What do you think is the most meaningful clinical endpoint for these studies (e.g. is a fold increase in tolerance more meaningful to you or is a specific threshold for desensitization more meaningful)? If it is a specific threshold, what do you think the appropriate threshold amount is?

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