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Discussing Ziopharm’s Sleeping Beauty TCR-T platform targeting neoantigens in solid tumors

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An oncologist with clinical practice experience in multiple solid tumors and knowledge about Ziopharm’s Sleeping Beauty TCR-T clinical trials.

Interview Questions

Please tell us about your experience in the TCR-T space. How many patients do you treat with multiple solid tumors, and what percentage of your patients benefit from TCR-T targeting neoantigens?

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  1. How much of an unmet need is there for genetic modification of T cells to target cancer? 
  2. Which treatment developments are you most excited about, and can you rate them 1-10? 
  3. Can you compare them to the Sleeping Beauty programme?

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What kind of long-term survival results would you like to see in order to be convinced of the drug’s efficacy? What is the best treatment in terms of long-term survival at the moment?

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  1. The company demonstrated that T-cell receptors targeting genetic changes within TP53 can be obtained from T cells in the peripheral blood, overcoming the need to harvest a patient’s tumor. How important is this achievement and how would it translate to better patient outcomes? 
  2. What are the risks implicated in obtaining tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes through surgical resection?

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What percent of patients’ solid tumors have driver mutations, including TP53?

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In a long term outcomes study, four patients demonstrated sustained persistence of CAR-T (median time of persistence duration of 4.5 years, range 2-5 years). Five-year progression-free survival and overall survival were 71% and 86%, respectively. How do you interpret this data point?

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How likely would you be to switch your patients to TCR-T Sleeping Beauty therapy in the future?

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