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Digging into Biohaven's BHV-0223 in treating ALS

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Who's the expert?

A neurologist with experience treating ALS, and knowledge of BHV-0223 and its sublingual delivery method developed in collaboration with Catalent's Zydis ODT fast-dissolve technology.

Interview Questions

Please tell us about your clinical experience. How many patients do you currently treat with ALS?

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How do you prevent progression of the disease? What are the pros and cons of using riluzole or edaravone?

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How much of a need is there for a Sublingual Delivery Form for riluzole, that Biohaven is trying to get approved?

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What percent of your patients have trouble swallowing tablets or liquids? Is it more than 80%, as Biohaven cites?

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How likely would you be to switch your patients to Biohaven’s formulation of riluzole, if approved?

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In its bioequivalence trials, Biohaven showed that sublingual administration of BHV-0223 (40 mg) achieved similar blood exposures to orally ingested Rilutek (50 mg). Is the lower dosage to achieve same results also an advantage here?

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