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Management Call

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Understanding Summit's Leadership Role in Creating the Next Generation of Antibiotics: A Conversation with Management

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Who's the expert?

Name: Glyn Edwards & David Roblin

Glyn Edwards:

  • Chief Executive Officer, Summit Therapeutics
  • Thirty-year career in the life sciences industry, during which time he has held a number of senior executive and business development roles. 
  • Prior to joining Summit, he was interim Chief Executive Officer of the UK trade body the BioIndustry Association (BIA) and Chief Executive Officer at Antisoma plc for 13 years, and Vice President of Business Development at Therapeutic Antibodies Ltd.  

David Roblin:

  • Chief Operating and Medical Officer, Summit Therapeutics
  • Has brought many medicines in several therapy areas through R&D to commercialisation, including in anti-infectives azithromycin, ciprofloxacin, moxifloxacin, voriconazole and maraviroc.
  • Prior to joining Summit, he was Chief Operating Officer and Director of Scientific Translation at the Francis Crick Institute in London,  Head of Research and Chief Medical Officer for Europe R&D, and Head of Therapy Area for Anti-infectives at Bayer AG.

Interview Questions

Can we start with a short introduction of both your backgrounds, and how you've come to work at Summit?

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Let's start with your lead asset. Can you provide an update on the Ridinilazole trial, what you've done to try and speed enrollment and anything you've learned from the Phase 2 that has shaped the Phase 3?

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How are you thinking about the commercial considerations for an antibiotic? How are payors responding to your preliminary conversations?

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If hospitals are going to be a critical decision makers in formulary access and prescribing, what are the key arguments that you'll be making to them?

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Broadly looking at the recent launches of antibiotics, what do you think those companies have done wrong. What lessons have you learned and built into your development and launch strategy to differentiate yourself?

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A criticism I've heard about the antibiotic space generally is that it will take large policy changes to reward innovation. Once we see that actually happen, I'll take a look at names in the space again.

  • Do you think that criticism is fair? If not, what do you say to it?

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What role do you see PCR identification of infection type playing in treating patients going forward?

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I saw you announced your first pipeline asset from the Discover platform. What will we see from Discover over the next few years and why do you call it a platform technology?

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