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Preclinical Data Released on Moleculin's (MBRX) Annamycin in Lung Metastases

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Management Comment "We are very encouraged by this data, as we believe it further demonstrates Annamycin's anti-cancer activity against tumors that evade therapies that may be initially effective in their primary location of origin, but are protected by metastasis to sanctuary organs. In the case of sarcomas treated with the current standard of care, doxorubicin, tumors may be initially responsive in their primary location, but become unresponsive after metastasis to the lungs, which eventually becomes the most likely cause of patients' death," commented Walter Klemp, Chairman and CEO of Moleculin. "This research also sheds light on why doxorubicin, the current standard of care for many types of cancer, is not effective against lung-localized cancer. Subsequently, we believe that Annamycin's ability in animal models to effectively accumulate in the lungs without noticeable side effects offers unique therapeutic opportunities that should be explored for the benefit of cancer patients with lung-localized tumors."
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Jun 25, 2020
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