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Loxo Oncology(LOXO) Interim Phase 1 LOXO-292 Dose Escalation Trial in RET-Altered Cancers Presented at ASCO

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Clinical Data
The data presented at ASCO were based on an April 2, 2018 data cut-off date. Eighty-two total patients had been enrolled to eight dose escalation cohorts: 20 mg QD (n=6), 20 mg BID (n=10), 40 mg BID (n=16), 60 mg BID (n=10), 80 mg BID (n=18), 120 mg BID (n=4), 160 mg BID (n=12) and 240 mg BID (n=6). RET alterations were identified by local laboratories either in tumor or plasma and included the following primary diagnoses:
  • 38 patients with RET fusion-positive non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) (21 with prior MKI treatment, 17 without)
  • 9 patients with RET fusion-positive thyroid cancer (8 with prior MKI treatment, 1 without)
  • 2 patients with RET fusion-positive pancreatic cancer (1 with prior MKI treatment, 1 without)
  • 29 patients with RET-mutated medullary thyroid cancer (MTC) (23 with prior MKI treatment, 6 without)
  • 4 patients with no known activating RET alterations
In addition to many patients with prior MKI treatment, 46% of patients had received prior chemotherapy and 24% had received prior immunotherapy (47% of those with NSCLC).  Pharmacokinetic analyses during the dose escalation demonstrated dose-dependent increases in LOXO-292 exposure with increasing dose. Starting at the 40 mg BID dose and the 80 mg BID dose, respectively, LOXO-292 delivered sustained >IC90 RET fusion and >IC90 RET M918T-mutant target coverage, based on cell-based potencies.
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