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Additional Relevant Details The FDA did not indicate the clinical hold was based on any human findings. To date, EX1 has been administered over 800 times in more than 300 human study subjects and patients. Across this substantial clinical experience, only 3 serious adverse events (SAE) have been observed. Two of these were fevers, treated with acetaminophen, after which the patients continued on the study with no further complications. The other SAE was an instance of hepatic carcinoma in a patient with chronic HBV and cirrhosis, judged by the treating physician to be unrelated to the drug. A small minority (6%) of infusions in ARC-520 studies have been associated with infusion reactions, with 4 patients discontinuing ARC-520 treatment. In addition, across the ARC-520, ARC-521, and ARC-AAT clinical programs, laboratory values have not been deemed indicative of any drug-induced organ toxicity.  
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Nov 08, 2016
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